WPU - Weird Processing Unit

WPU stands for Weird Processing Unit, which is basically series of various experimental processors (architectures), that try to be interesting, new, original, extraordinary, different or just plain weird. WPUs try to be original and playful and they usually go beyond the boundaries of convention - things we consider normal.

They don't intend to compete, replace or improve standard processors, or fill any gaps on the market: WPUs don't try to find any gaps, they rather go to the edge, then go even further and build there :-)

You probably know at least what CPU and GPU are: processing units with specific purpose and philosophy: CPU (central processing unit) is universal processor, that is capable of executing any type of a program (well, maybe not literaly), but unlike specialized units, he can't do many of them fast enough, so in case of graphic operations, GPU comes in: it's specifically designed to perform graphical operations quickly, but can't do much else (although that's somewhat changing with unified shaders and such, but that's besides the point). Point is, each of these has its philosophy and purpose, something that makes them typical, so what makes WPU typical?

WPU stands for Weird Processing Unit and such weird and crazy fun name already implies what WPU is: it's basically a processing unit, that's somehow weird - different from usual conventions. WPU can be any processor, that has at least part of it designed in a weird, unusual way, that makes programming for it and the way the machine code is executed challenging and/or interesting. It doesn't have to be practical in any way, as some of the architectures are more of a "hey, let's try this and see what happens" philosophy - purely experimental, whacky and weird for the sake of fun and curiosity, however sometimes there springs something really useful from all this, so I might put a stamp that says "scientist" on my forehead when working on this here and then :3

This means, that WPU is basically any processing unit, that somehow tries to go beyond boundaries of conventions of normal processors. WPUs try to be more or less original, new and interesting concepts, that stimulate programmer's minds with untraditional design and usually untraditional programming and spring new useful ideas that might actually become really useful in some areas and extend our knowledge in computer science. They can be even considered to be form of an art to some extent, something like "avant-garde processors", that is, by putting some inner beauty, some original thought, messsage or an idea into the logic of the architecture itself.

What WPUs are there? Pick the one you're interested in!


Programmed using only three elementary instructions - attoinstructions, even more low level than usual assembly is. Allows you to define your own higher level instruction set using the attocode, promotes code optimatization and compression and brings extreme/hardcore programming on the table.


Are we going to program processors in the Excel? :-) Keep tuned to find out. This architecture brings some actually quite usable advancements, so get ready your science cells for the two dimensional ride! >:3
Awwwwww... so cute you'll want to intentionally cause hug overflow :-)
A weird way to generate or alter weird waveforms? To make weird music or weird sound effects or just weird sounds? Why the weird not? ^^
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